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~Endless Gallery of Favorite Characters~ 

[1/???] - Ada Vessalius

"Not knowing everything about someone is not a sin! What is really wicked is judging people without even trying to get to know them!"

Pandora Hearts

"A Child of Misfortune like you could never help anyone.”

now I’ll be the one to give you happines. A Happy Timbre (Code Geass R2 ED 1)

Vince, this isn’t a dream, right?

Retrace XCVI: Ada Vessalius & Vincent Baskerville 

My name, yeah, it’s Ada. As I am right now, I can’t even give you a hug, and seem like a ghost. But in the distant future I receive….so many things from you.—So, you will definitely meet me again, okay.”

So, you will definitely meet me again.